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• From your Dashboard, choose Zinevoice > Invoices from the left menu, then choose Templates at the top right

• Choose one of the default Templates at the top of your page to start

• Edit the Title of your Template for future use

• Upload image for your Cover Page by clicking on Change Image icon

• Use drag & drop editing to customize your Invoice Template – change messaging, text, colors, fonts

• When you’ve completed customizing your Template, click My Templates at the top left (your Template will be saved in the cloud)

• From your Dashboard, choose Zinevoice > Invoices from the left menu, then choose Templates at the top right

• Click on the 3 white lines in the bottom right corner of your Custom Template thumbnail then click on the red Default icon – this Template is now the Default Template for Invoices you send 

• From your Dashboard, choose Zinevoice > Orders from the left menu

• Select which Shopify order(s) you would like to create an invoice for – you can select multiple orders

• Click Create Zinevoice

• If you are happy with the way your Invoice looks, click Send Invoice or make any edits you require to this invoice before sending (edits you make to this invoice will not impact this Custom Template for future orders)

• Make any adjustments you require to the Message that your customers will see in the email they receive and click Send

• From your Dashboard, choose Zinevoice > Invoices

• Click on Automation in the top right

Choose when you would like to automatically attach invoice to Shopify email: when an order is Created, Paid or Fulfilled

• Follow steps 1 through 4 to create and insert your PDF Invoice download link into the Shopify Notification email of your choice


• Click Save before going to Shopify Settings -> Notifcations

Click Save after pasting the code

• When customizing a Template, add a product page after your Invoice page by clicking on the Add a New Page icon

• Choose a Product Page Layout to use for your recommended products

• Add recommended products by clicking on the plus signs and choosing products from your Product Information Management system

• The products you add will always be included when you use this Custom Template to send an invoice to a customer

• From your Dashboard, choose Zinevoice > Orders from the left menu

• Select all the orders you would like to print invoices for

• Click Create Zinevoice


• Click Print


• When in Studio editing an invoice Template, drag any element or text off the page to remove it from your template

• Any changes you’ve made will be saved in the cloud, there is no need to save your work