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Our Firm is changing the approach to client care.

DAVID KER Co-Founder

    Fadhel Ben Slama Co-Founder

      Eric Dumont Co-Founder

        Tyler Nelson Advisor

          andrew jacckson Advisor

            Gabriel McCaffrey Advisor

              Mehdi Kalhori Senior Software Engineer

                Martin Software Engineer

                  ARIS XU Automation Test Engineer

                    TE SOKNYRA Manager

                      CHHANH TRAO Senior Web Developer

                        SUM KEAKSEY Senior Web Developer

                          CHAP SOVANNYUTH Senior iOS Developer

                            DOUNG SREYLIN Senior Web Developer

                              NOP SREYNETH Junior Web Developer

                                HOUY MENGTHOANG Junior Web Developer

                                  CHAN VINCENT Designer

                                    HAK DAVY Junior Digital Marketing Assistant

                                      HOR BORITH Junior Web Developer

                                        TRY SOKKHAY Junior Web Developer