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Solution for Wholesale: Scale Your Business by Interactive Wholesale Catalog

Automatically create shoppable catalog in one minute —— the most efficient and effective way to generate revenue and activate your business.
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Prepare your wholesale catalog, line sheet, price list automatically in our app.

Say no to time-consuming and frustrating manual process.

Save you time and money for better sales.

Reach Broader Audience

Broader audience brings you business opportunities.

Covert paper catalog into online version that can be displayed in any devices.

Make your wholesale catalog a shareable asset that can be easily spread among target market.

Aline Sales Strategy with Catalog 

Apply your sales strategy into wholesale catalog to generate revenue.

Beat your competitors by displaying latest deals and promotions to your customers through simple process.


Shoppable icon and image allow customers to shop directly in your online catalog.

Save customer troubles and create wonderful shopping experience.

Increase conversions by reducing the cart abandon rate.


Maintain loyal customer with interactive shoppable catalog.

Create exceptional shopping experience to make customer fall in love with your business.

Proactively engage with customer, the digital shopping assistant keeps your business running all the time.

Hear from Our Customers


I've used this to create line sheets that not only look professional but they also make me look innovative and technologically savvy since I have ability to publish my sheets for online viewing.


When I found out all the options I have for presenting information and the flexibility of it, that just made this app awesome!


Catalogs are easy to build using the Shopify integration and also easy to update. Support has been amazing. Whenever I need help, they walk me through the technical details and make things better.