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Businesses are facing overwhelming Engagement Challenges

The direction of commerce engagement has shifted significantly with the advances in technology and consumer behaviour. It is no longer sufficient or effective to treat all your customers the same, overwhelming them with generic multi-channel content. Today’s consumer has Mobile, Visual and Social priorities that are challenging to meet. Consumers are on the receiving end of a vast amount of low-value content coming from multiple channels, while businesses are competing for their attention. The channels used to push content to consumers contain broken processes and incomplete integrations. Now more than ever there is a need for personalized, contextual conversation based engagement in this omnichannel commerce world. 

The Solution to Engagement Challenges...
Commerce Engagement Automation

Personalized Contextual Conversation & Presentation
Tech Stack for Commerce

ZINation is an all-in-one tech stack that allows brands to provide their consumers with seamless multi-channel engagement. This tech stack can replace many broken integrations brands currently use to engage with their leads and customers. ZINation covers all steps of engagement from sales collateral (product catalog, wholesale line sheet, flyer, product brochure) to invoicing (invoice, receipt, thank you note). Each step of the way is automated, personalized and contextualized.


Coming soon: We developed a multi-engagement tool named Zelina™. Combining pop-up and chatbot, Zelina will arm your website and ecommerce storefront with a powerful mean to engage with visitors, convert leads into customers and support current customers by using the Right Offer for the Right Person at the Right Time.

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