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→ Order While Browsing: Your ZINation shoppable catalog allows customers to add items to shopping cart and place order right away while they are viewing the catalog. Eliminating unnecessary complexity in the order process, ZINation shoppable catalog creates a mind-blowing shopping experience by saving both you and the customers time to close the deal on the spot. 

→ Wholesale Order: Apply your wholesale pricing strategy to your catalog and create VIP pricing for special clients in one click. The app has Bulk Discount feature that discounts all prices by certain percentage to serve wholesale pricing control. Moreover, you can set Minimum Order Amount for partial or all products to protect your sales. You can even apply your compensation policy for sales representative in the app so that the performance of each sales representative  is obviously seen and valued.

 Order ManagementOur digital shopping assistant Zelina accepts order automatically on your behalf and send invoice to customers right away. You can see the order detail under Shopify Draft Order and organize them accordingly.