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→ The Power In Your Hands: ZINation Studio puts you in control and gives you the freedom and power to create personalized content to engage with your customers in a cost efficient way. ZINation Studio takes a unique approach to design as it gives you 100% product placement automation coupled with a manual editing experience allowing you to break through design limitations.

With the unique combination of your Product Information Management stystem, ZINation Studio Templates, automation and manual editing, ZINation gives you the power to control your own content.

→ Automation In Its Purest Form: Instantly create the personalized content you need through the power of automation. You have already taken the time to create collections in your Shopify or Magento store, ZINation Studio allows you to apply these collections right to catalogs, flyers and linesheets saving you a significant amount of time and preventing human error. The power of automation will also allow you to effortlessly provide your customers with invoices, product recommendations, Social Proof, support and so much more. It’s about automated, personalized engagement that allows you to stand out amongst all other content.

→ Drag and Drop Editing: Powerful drag and drop technology allows you to customize the content you share with your customers and leads. You will not be restricted to templates, colors, fonts or design. ZINation Studio makes it easy for you to make your designs match your branding and remain unique from the competition. ZINation Studio will allow you to use drag & drop to edit any template to best meet your needs and save that template as your own customized design. 

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