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Smart Endless Aisle. Interactive Retail Displays For Shopify.

Show More. Sell More.

Smart endless aisle provides added value for your Shopify store. Seamless integration and instant syncing help you present products to customers efficiently and boost sales in an effective way.
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Show More

Open a new channel to display more Shopify products in limited space. Seize every business opportunity by ensuring all products are reachable in hand.

Expand Retail Space

Strategically display products in a dynamic way and let your customers interact with the content. This is much more attractive than merely a Shopify storefront.

Equip Your Sales Team

Your sales team can work collaboratively with AI powered digital assistant Zelina to offer an impressive shopping experience fully integrated with Shopify.

What the Data Says

% of millennials research options online but ultimately go to a store or mall. -- Forbes

% of shoppers would feel more confident in service if they saw associates collaborating on tablets or smartphones to help customers. -- TimeTrade

% of shoppers will choose a digital option over asking a salesperson for assistance. -- Deloitte

What are the benefits of Endless Aisle?

Seamless integration and synchronization. Shopify store owners can sync all your products from online store to catalog maker in one click and create stunning catalog automatically.

Increase work efficiency. Say no to the complexity and time-consuming process of creating marketing collateral. Let our app ease the burden of your marketing team in a cost-effective way.

Merge online with offline. Don’t set the limitation of your business. We offer you a chance to dominate O2O Ecommerce by bringing your Shopify store into offline mode. 

Give them what they want. Instead of letting customers search from thousands of products in your Shopify Store, you can create multiple catalogs and display them by collections. Your customers will love to see them stay organized.


Shop the way they are used to. In addition to shopping from Shopify store, your customers can place order while browsing catalog in any device and close the deal in one minute. They’ll be happy to get rid of overwhelming information online.


Place order in one click. Cut all the tedious process off and allow customer to order immediately when they see something they really like. 


Excellent shopping experience. Offer a smooth and impressive shopping experience form the very beginning to the end of the deal. Make your brand the first choice when customer wants to buy something.

Empower your sales associates with comprehensive knowledge of your products. With smart kiosk endless aisle  for Shopify, your sales associates can serve customers using a mobile device and show the latest products information whenever needed.


Never let customer down. Your sales associates are able to let customer order what they are looking for even when you lost the connection to your Shopify store.


More variants mean more money. If your customers don’t like the color, just show them the same style in another color. Give your sales associates endless commission opportunity to drive sales.


Never give up cutomer to competitors. For those who are not familiar with navigation of Shopify storefront, ZINation endless aisle provides an easier way to find what they want and order immediately.

Tell a better story. Brand your business in an innovative way and draw customers into your Shopify store with powerful endless shelf kiosk. Make sure your customer stay engaged with memorable, digital experience throughout your store.


Organize content easily. You can easily edit content and update in seconds without having influence on your Shopify store. ZINation offers various layouts, lifestyle pages and marketing collateral  you can choose to display your products, all of which require no hard skills.


Encourage people to become loyal customers. Deliver the message to your customer and let them remember the irreplaceable things you have to offer. Make your brand stand out from thousands of Shopify merchants and stay top of mind when customer is about to shop.

Excel at content marketing. Show your customers a dynamic presentation of  your brand. Use high resolution images and customized catalog to stand out in the first place.


Attract and interact.  Our digital shopping assistant help you engage with customer proactively and offer special deal under certain circumstances. Impress your customers with the combination of in-store display and digital interaction.


Optimize retail space. The amount of your products no longer has to be restricted to the physical shelf space. Expend your collections and organize them using our PIM (fully integrated with Shopify) in any device.

It Can Be Used As

Smart Shopify Endless Aisle

Let your retail catalog make up for the limit of physical shelf storage. ★ Attract customer and drive traffic into your store; ★ More user-friendly and interective than store website; ★ Showcase products in a dynamic way as an added value to your existing Shopify merchandising.

Your Shopify Sales Assist

Arm your sales team with the right technology and let them be your brand ambassadors. ★ Be able to show exactly what customers want immediately in mobile devices; ★ Deliver a sense of professional confidence; ★ Never turn customers down even if the item is not on display.

The Browse While You Wait

Turn the frustration of waiting into a pleasant experience. This could be the beginning of the next transaction. ★ Entertain your customers while waiting in the line; ★ Create the needs by allowing customers to browse recommended product catalog before they leave the store.

Shopify Digital Signage

Embed the digital signage into your Shopify storefront to impress your customers. ★ Tell the story of your brand and stay recognized by customers; ★ Communicate consistantly with your online customers; ★ Stay up to date and easily promote latest collections.

Full Self-Service Shopify Kiosk (Under Development)

Make customers fall in love with the shopping experience in your store. ★ Let customers control their purchasing decisions; ★ Perfect for big fans of high-tech lifestyle; ★ Save you human resource and operating costs.

Sell 24/7 on Shopify (Coming Soon)

Shoppable Kiosk catalog can sell for you even when your store is closed. ★ Dynamic display will catch people's eyes when they walk by. ★ Allow customer to browse collections and submit an order during after hours. ★ Keep your business running all day round to generate more revenue.


Rich Content

Show products in multi-angle images and give your customer access to detailed product description.

Highly Interactive

Customer can browse by collections and interact with digital shopping assistant in Kiosk mode.

Suggested Product

Highlight highly recommended products based on customer's viewing history. Target at right people for right products and create an exclusive experience for customers.

ZINation Studio

Create your personalized ecatalog in minutes. Use it not only for marketing, but also as a branding tool to make your business reconganizable.

Smart Pop-ups

Set customized smart pop-ups for special events and generate new leads. Offer right deal to right customer at right time.

AI Chatbot

Trainable AI chatbot Zelina can engage with customers, collect emails, capture leads and take orders when you are away.

Product Information Management (PIM)

ZINation PIM System allows you to edit and organize product information efficiently. All changes can be reflected immediately in catalogs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

ZINation combines CRM system with Zelina to document customer information and activities, provide customer segmentation and analysis insights to help you sell better.

Real-Time Updates

Instant synchronization between online store and Kiosk catalog, enabling you to be agile with pricing and content.

Data Analysis

Monitor customer's interactive touch and session metrics and provide insights to help you sell smarter.

Merge Online With Offline

Catalog can be presented as e-version or downloaded as PDF for printing. Ensure your online/offline retail working seamlessly to make your business more powerful.

Shoppable Catalog

Customer can add items to the shopping cart while viewing the catalog. Customers are going to love this convenient and efficient shopping experience.