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Partner Programs

Sales Partner

ZINation's Sales Partner Program is for marketing companies, sales consultants, success coaches or trainers who want to transform the way their clients sell — and earn commissions as incentives. ZINation serves e-commerce merchants as an integrated platform consisting of catalog creation, wholesale pricing, mobile order taking, customer relationship management (CRM), as well as AI chat bot.

    Agency Partner

    ZINation's Agency Partner Program is for organizations that want to grow their businesses by providing exceptional inbound marketing and sales services to their clients. With ZINation's solutions for wholesale, retail, as well as mobile ordering, agencies are empowered to provide their clients an advanced way to promote products using shoppable catalog and capture leads automatically by AI chat bot.

      Integration Partner

      ZINation's Integration Partner Program is for companies that want to integrate their technology with ZINation's tech slack in order to grow their user base. Having 10,000+ business users, ZINation is offering you a cost-effective way to reach to a larger audience and expand your exposure. Each connection is a potential opportunity for your business growth. Get started and attract more users today!

        Technology Integration Partners

        Community/Business Partners