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Automated Product Placement

ZINation Studio technology gives you 100% automation for placing your products into your catalog, flyer, lookbook or linesheet. Select all products, some products, or a collection of products and with a click of one button, your sales collateral is built in seconds. Any changes made to a product within your Product Information Management system thereafter will be updated in your sales collateral as well. Not only does this automation make things fast and easy, it guarantees no human error will be reflected on important information such as descriptions, variants and pricing.

Drag & Drop Editing

After your products are automatically positioned into your sales collateral, you can make changes or improvements to your design with ZINation Studio’s easy to use Drag & Drop editor. This allows you to move images or information, change the size of your text or images and add elements to your design such as variant tables and discount stamps. Best of all, the Drag & Drop technology allows you to fit the elements you require in your sales collateral without compromising your design or being restricted by rigid templates.

Mobile First Interactive Design

Make every experience for your customers a shopping experience with 100% shoppable digital catalogs, flyers, lookbooks and linesheets that are mobile friendly. All ZINation catalogs feature an extended view where you can add additional details, variants and images of your products for customers to browse. With simple click-to-buy buttons, your customers will be able to shop with ease from any device and your SEO will benefit because each product can be backlinked to your website.

Secure Access Control

When sharing catalogs & linesheets with your customers, you can control who has access to customized pricing and product offering by enabling an access control code. Sharing sales collateral privately allows you to provide customers with the most personalized shopping experience and is perfect for wholesalers who will offer different products and pricing to different customers. 

Unique URLs & Analytics

Each page of your sales collateral has its own unique URL which allows for incredibly valuable analytics that are provided to you through a dedicated dashboard. Knowing how many views your catalogs and flyers are receiving gives you significant power as a business.

Product Information Management System

In Commerce, your PIM acts as your single source of truth for product data. Your ZINation PIM will allow you to make changes to products, images, variants and prices that will be directly reflected in your sales collateral you have published. Your PIM will ensure that all information presented to your customers is up-to-date and consistent.