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Your customers are looking for relevant and personalized content that flows across multiple channels seamlessly. For your brand to stand out and engage your customs at the highest level, conversation is key. Personalized, conversation based engagement will provide your customers with the highest quality experience and will allow your content to win their attention. It will not only allow for deeper personalization of content, it will also allow you to engage with your customers when they want it, need it and when it’s most effective.

→ Sales Collateral: Through personalized catalogs, flyers, lookbooks and linesheets, you’ll be providing your customers with relevant product offerings, catering to their interests and preferences. Immediately, your customers are more engaged because the content that they’re provided is based on their interests and behaviours. The result is a more personal and intimate relationship between the consumer and your brand.

→ Invoices: Transform a static, boring invoice into a beautiful, personalized sales channel. Create custom templates containing coupon codes, product recommendations, reviews, ratings, feedback and more. Continue engaging with your customers during the transaction phases of the sales cycle, ensuring the invoice is not the last touch point you have with your consumer.

Coming Soon…

A complete conversational tech stack to engage with your customers from pre-purchase to post-purchase.