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Zelina is Your Customer Engagement Assistant

Add unequaled partner to your customer service team

Zelina Customer Digital Assistant transforms how ecommerce business of all sizes engage with customers and leads.  This advanced chatbot customer engagement and management software improve customer engagement performance and customer convenience through conversational engagement automation.

Zelina Catalog Maker transforms how ecommerce businesses of all sizes share product information and engage with clients. This advanced product catalog design and management software improve marketing reach and customer convenience through rich media product contents, customer-focused digital catalog options, and a diverse range of print and digital delivery mediums. With only one catalog database (PIM) to maintain and design filter templates that are professionally created, it’s never been easier to design, populate, update, publish exceptional and personalized product catalogs.

Turn Visitors Into Sales Conversations

Planning a special event or seasonal promotion? Need product catalogs for a particular market segment or industry? One of the most popular features of Catalog Maker is the ability to create targeted mini product catalogs using a subset of the full-line product information database. With just a few clicks, you can generate vendor-focused, seasonal, sale, and niche market effective product catalogs, personalized.

Additional custom catalog possibilities include:

  • Dealer-branded product catalogs – let your dealers or remote offices create their own custom product catalogs from your catalog product information database with ZINation PIM (Product Information Management) System
  • Custom price books – generate PDF price books that combine the rich information of your catalog with customer-specific pricing data from your Product Information System 
  • Wholesale line sheet product catalog
  • Retail Catalog
  • Marketing Brochure
Easy LookBook Creator

Multi engagement channels from a single source

With just a few keystrokes you can generate digital product catalogs in the medium that best meets your customers’ needs. Publish beautiful full color print product catalogs for long-term reference or quick market-specific mini catalogs in PDF, or Rich Media product catalog for digital sharing. ZINation Catalog Maker’s publishing mediums include traditional print catalogs, searchable PDF catalogs,  and online digital interactive product catalog.

Conversations with Rich Media Contents, not forms

Zelina Catalog Maker makes it easy to provide the detailed product information and images your customers need to make informed buying decisions. Already have content? You can import data (images, text) from any many sources (CSV, uploads or automatically through plugin for Shopify, Magento). Catalog Maker will adapt to your field definitions and support product specific attributes and images. You can also synchronize your Catalog Maker database (PIM) with your e-commerce system (Shopify, Magento) so that your product catalogs are continuously updated with the latest pricing and availability information.  Add the Catalog Maker Advanced Security Component for robust content quality control features like user access control so that you can share your catalog in a private way.

Personalized Messages with Programmatic Trigger

By bringing product catalog management in-house, Catalog Maker puts you in control of your product catalog content and your publishing schedule. Plus it delivers the same eye-pleasing results as traditional production methods at a fraction of the cost. According to one customer, producing a 128-page catalog in-house with Catalog Maker software cost them less than a quarter of what it would have cost to outsource it.

  • Publish as many product catalogs as you want, in any combination of formats, as often as you wish to scale easily from a handful of local users to dozens or hundreds of users enterprise-wide.
  • No programming and no graphic design talent required; choose from a variety of professionally designed, dynamic filter templates
    Supports professional-level creative controls with ZINation Studio.  
  • No need of an additional software like Adobe InDesign.  It’s a Canva on steroid with automation and the assistance of a central product database (PIM).

Cloud-based Drag&Drop Studio for your Rich Media Contents Production 

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“10 out of 10 for the product and a simple 10 out of 10 for the customer service . A phenomenal App”

Essies Bits And Bows posted 

“Great Customer Support From Dave.

The Catalogs are Really beautiful and easy to create.
Before I create a Catalog here I download a bunch of other app from the Store, and Honestly this is the easiest and more professional looking Catalog Apps I could check in the Store.”

Elprimocomercial posted 


“jml-wholesale.myshopify.com WOW what an improvement. JML started with them almost 2 years ago to build our first catalog, it was a small catalog and it worked though a little cumbersome for lazy ole me. TODAYS VERSION HOWEVER, IS WORTH EVERY DIME. We spent over $20,000 plus annual support for a program that was a pain. This Zine version, from internet to paper is so easy, with a little bit of effort you have gone from download to catalog in hours. You drag and drop to adjust layout within their site once you’ve downloaded, and if you need help…….well support is stellar. Love them. One thing….think about your site layout as you go to build catalog, and it will save you time.”


Jml Wholesale posted 


“I showed this to my client and she immediately wanted the product in her store. The support from David and his team is great! That are extremely patient and took me step-by-step through the process to make the catalogue a great feature of the online store. They also pro-actively arranged another session to train me on other products in the portfolio.

Well done David and team. Wish all the other suppliers are so helpful, because not all users are not IT trained people.”

West Coast Weddingshed

West Coast Eventshed posted